Domestic Chores, Walking to Work, and Others, Prolongs Life

A recent study showed that 1 in 12 deaths worldwide over a period of 5 years could have been prevented with thirty minutes of physical activity. This includes simple domestic chores such as house cleaning or walking to work five days a week, says researchers.

According to a scientific report, which was published in The Lancet medical journal, “Being extremely active (750 minutes a week) is linked with a high reduction in death rates.”

The experiment tracked the lifestyle of about 130,000 people in seventeen countries, and confirmed on a global scale that physical activity is associated with better health and reduced mortality risk, including cardiovascular diseases,” the authors said in a press release.

The result of the study was irrespective of the country off each participant, the nature of physical activity, or if it was done for leisure, house work or as part of the daily transport.

According to the World Health Organisation, everybody should perform at least 150 minutes of regular-intensity, or 75 minutes of “brisk-activity” aerobics each week.

The study revealed that up to a quarter of the global population fail to meet this requirement. The result of the new study revealed that “walking for just thirty minutes 5 times a week has a significant advantage.” This was corroborated by Scot Lear, the study’s lead author from Simon Fraser University of Canada.

Participants of the study were between the ages 35 to 70 years for both rural and urban areas and in poor and rich countries. The study monitored them for almost seven years.

Researchers took note of those who suffered stroke, heart attacks, heart failure as well as other diseases, and analysed them against the individual’s physical activity levels. Out of 106,970 subjects who met the activity criteria, 3.8% developed a cardiovascular disease, compared to 5.1% who remained healthy.

Mortality risk was also higher for people who did not meet the suggested amount of activity set by doctors. That is 6.4% as opposed to 4.2% who met the recommended standards.

Doctors therefore concluded that the physical activity is essential to good health and longer life span.

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