8 Places You Don’t Want To Visit Alone

Cave of skulls

Anybody can wake up one morning and decide to spend some time in any of the exotic destinations scattered all over the world. A day spent on the beach sipping cocktails or a night of fun at some esoteric shindig somewhere in Asia is everybody’s idea of a good time. But the following destinations are not for the fainthearted. Here are 8 of the world’s scariest destinations you wouldn’t want to visit on your own.

The Island of Dolls, Mexico

About fifty years ago, a little girl died somewhere off the coast of a little island in Mexico. The sole resident of the island, a recluse, discovered her body and a doll washed ashore and hung her doll on a tree as a sign of respect. Over the next 50 years, he collected many more dolls and hung on trees all over the island. Today, you will encounter a macabre scene of blank dolls’ eyes staring soullessly at you, some of which seem to follow your every move. Hundreds of dolls, severed limbs and decapitated heads adorn trees all over the place. There are tales that the spirit of the dead girl resides in these dolls. Even though Mexican authorities insist that the island is in no way haunted, that doesn’t make Isla de las Munecas any less creepy.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

“Life is precious” and “Consult the Police before you decide to die” are some of the signs you should expect to see as you enter Aokigahara Forest in Japan. Known by many names, such as “the sea of trees” or “Japan’s Demon Forest” or “the perfect place to die”, this forest in Japan is said to be the second most popular place to commit suicide. The complete suicide manual, the controversial bestseller by Wataru Tsurumui describes various ways to commit suicide and even recommends Aokigahara as the perfect place to end one’s life. This forest is said to be filled up with spirits of suicides and even the trees in the forest have been completely permeated. Don’t be surprised to stumble upon corpses as you take a walk through this forest of death.

Akodessewa Fetish Market, Togo

People assume that Haiti is the world capital of Voodoo, this is not correct. Voodoo evolved from the heart of Africa and was exported to Haiti and other places. Somewhere in Lome, the capital city of Togo is the Akodessewa Fetish Market. This is like the Walmart of fetishes. Marche des Feticheurs is where you can find everything used in voodoo practice, from heads of monkeys and leopards to human skulls, talismans and black powder. The market is a haven for families looking for babies, people who want to do well in business and those looking to find love. This is a very scary place to visit and can be quite frightening if you have a faint heart. Visit this market any day and you might even get an offer to try out one of their protection talismans.

Hashima Island, Japan

Also known as the battleship, this former bustling coal mine is now an abandoned island inhabited by ghosts and lost souls. This former island of about 5000 souls that also served as a prisoner of war camp was deserted very suddenly in 1974 leaving it to become a ghost town where if you listening carefully, you can hear sounds of signs and murmuring. The Battleship made an appearance in James Bond’s Skyfall as the headquarters on the villain in the movie. A stroll along the deserted streets will make you believe you are the only person left in a post apocalyptic world.

Catacombs of Paris, France

With human skulls stretching as far as the eyes can see, the human anatomy has never been more depicted than in this labyrinth of skulls and bones. It might not be scary to everyone but those who frighten easily will have a time of it in the catacombs. Officially known as the Municipal Ossuary, the catacombs are essentially a subterranean repository of bones from different parts of the body.

 Leap Castle, Ireland

Reputed to be the most haunted building in the whole world, Leap castle has a long history of torture and fear attached to it. The castle itself is built over a torture pit used by druids in their ancient initiation ceremonies. Leap castle is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the victims tortured and killed inside the castle. The most notorious of its spirit residences is the tall specter of a lady clothed in a gown red with blood holding a sharp knife. The story goes that she was imprisoned by one of the former owners of the castle and raped repeatedly. She gave birth to a baby who was murdered by her captors and overcome with grief; she used the knife her spirit holds to take her own life. This castle is plagued with so much misfortune that the current owners had to engage the services of a white witch to appease the spirits.  Today, human and spirit residents live in a fragile truce in the castle which is sometimes open to tourists.

Craco, Italy

Inhabitants of this village perched precariously 1300 feet high on a cliff in the earthquake prone region of Basilicata in Italy braved everything from malaria, to bands of marauding cutthroat robbers and even the bubonic plague, but it was a landslide that did them in. Now practically a ghost town, this eerie uninhabited village still holds six different religious festivals every year. The passion of the Christ and Quantum of Solace are among the movies that have been shot in the midst of its crumbling walls.

Poveglia, Italy

This disguised island in Greece was once the dumping ground of victims of the bubonic plague. Go in a boat and you are likely to get stuck in the pile of bones and skulls that litter the water and shore. Story has it that a psychic doctor was choked to death on the island by paranormal forces. Some visitors to the island say they experience strange occurrences and unexplainable happenings during their visit. What better place to spend a sunny afternoon alone than on the beach of Poveglia island.

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