Quoi.co.uk is a website that brings that brings French news directly to readers in English. We have an editorial board of subject specialists in diverse fields ranging from political to finance, culture, technology, sports and more. Our stock exchange experts have been operating in the industry for several years and bring a lot of experience and insight to the magazine.

Quoi is a liberal magazine with no partisan affiliation. We bring objective, unbiased news directly to your attention as they break. We believe in the responsibility of providing our readers with political, social, economic and cultural information that helps them become more informed about the affairs of the global environment.

As a principle, Quoi does not object to the concept of free enterprise, as this would belie our commitment to individual freedom and autonomy. But we believe that every journalist has a duty to provide their audience with authentic, fair and unbiased reports at all times.

We will always uphold the demand for justice, honesty in public life and equal access to the same resources by every individual. With the combined experience and skill of our editors, reporters and contributors, our information is curated and presented in the most comprehensive format.

The editorial team consists of an Editor-in-Chief, Andrew Syke with vested experience in finance, business and news publishing. Together, we ensure that our commitment to excellent reporting and shared values satisfy the expectation of every Quoi reader. We also welcome genuine material from external contributors provided they meet our required standards.

Our Team

Andrew Syke


Andrew has a long involvement in financial markets. After receiving his Harvard degree in economics, he was working at NYSE as a broker for 23 years. Than he decided to found his own business news magazine. He wants to keep fellow colleagues constantly updated on the economics ups and downs volatility.

Theresa Stevens

News Editor

heresa has been a Senior Editor for Wall Street Journal, before she joined our news agency. WIth an MBA and deep knowledge of the markets, she is the biggest conrtributor to our financial op-eds and articles.

Theresa Stevens

News Editor

After Goldman Sachs, Jack worked for Bloomberg publishing house. But as soon as we contacted him, this brilliant young journalist joined our team.