AI Needs to Learn to How to Love

It’s very rare to find a movie or novel about artificial intelligence (AI) that doesn’t end with the intelligence eventually becoming a threat to mankind. This constant script has led to much scepticism among men and women concerning having AI become a part of society.

But the movies about human annihilation at the hands of AI aside, the benefits man stands to gain by making use of AI are immense. But how can man develop AI that won’t someday come to the conclusion that humans are inferior and need to be subjugated?

According to David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics Limited, man has a chance at a better future as long as we learn to develop robots and AI that don’t just calculate but are also capable of learning emotional intelligence in a manner that’s similar to the way babies do.

The progress when it comes to improving on the quality of intelligent machines as progressed by leaps and bounds over recent years. The current machines now possess greater perception, intelligence, and expressiveness. But for intelligent robots to become well received by humans, they’ll need to “blend in”.

Humans have always worked better with things they can put a face to and this is why social robots need to have pleasing aesthetics as well as various human expressions that will make humans feel they are talking to more of a person than a cold and unfeeling machine. This will lead to better interaction and thus better results.

But for AI to learn how to interact like humans, stuffing them with data from the Web isn’t the solution. AI needs to undergo learning the same way babies do – through face-to-face interaction with people and physically interacting with the world. How a baby who’s denied these interactions can grow to be emotionally stunted will also apply to AI. Thus, social interaction that provides rich social data might be the solution to creating truly human-like robots. This means robots must understand what it means to be loved and learn to love in order to be capable of friendship and caring.

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