Brexit Department: Over 20% Of Civil Servants Working Under The Department Retire In The Last 14 Months

Only in existence for about 14 months, Britain’s department for Exiting the European Union has lost more than 20% of her staff, all of whom voluntarily resigned. The records, which were released to Bloomberg by the Government on the 18th of August this year, reveal that a whopping 124 employees had resigned from the department leaving just 482 staff. This seemingly suggests that staff deployed to the department do not really enjoy working there.

Further studies have shown that only about five people who left the department actually resigned from active service, the rest have moved on to other departments, just utilizing the Brexit department as a means to gain valuable experience. The department itself stated that the movement of staff was simply resultant from regular civil service rotation or elapsing of loan periods.

Only last Monday, Oliver Robbins, who joined the department as Theresa May’s European Union Adviser, submitted his intention to leave the department. Reports have it that in recent times there have been several rows between Mr. Robbins and the Brexit Secretary, David Davis. This repeated occurrences have been suspected to be the reason for Mr. Robbins wanting to quit the department.

Undisclosed Government sources claim that recently, has been left out of the decision making loop, and worse, the relationship between both men suffered a lack of warmth.

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