British Tech Companies meet with Macron for Post Brexit Talks

Transferwise founder and tech investor Taavet Hinrikus and Monzo founder Tom Blomfield will be part of the delegation of 50 tech entreprenuers from startups to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron, French prime Minister Edouard Phillipe and a number of French tech founders and investors to discuss post brexit deals. Macron is seeking fresh deals regarding innovation and collaboration between the two countries.

French President Macron has promised to make France a world leader in technology, turning it into a “country of unicorns” – that is, startups valued at more than $1bn.

Taavet Hinrikus, Co-Founder and Chair of TransferWise, one of London’s biggest tech companies said: “A thriving tech ecosystem in Europe is good for the economic growth of the every country in the region. In light of Brexit, it is even more important to work with together with the rest of Europe”.

Tech delegates’ statement read in full:

“We want to foster greater cooperation with our EU counterparts – around 45% of UK trade goes to the EU – and the Single Market with over 400 million consumers is the world’s largest market and free trading area. We want to ensure that these ties remain strong and that the exchange of ideas continues despite the UK’s vote to leave the EU.

“We value the role that international talent has played in all our respective companies. We invite the brightest and best minds to work together on the ideas of the future, regardless of their nationality.

“We recognize that ‘Brexit’ is not a zero-sum game.  With continued cooperation, investment, research and development, both the UK and EU countries can continue to develop these highly innovative sectors of their respective economies to bring jobs and growth to everyone.

“We appreciate the enthusiasm and encouragement for our sector shown by President Emmanuel Macron and we call on the President and other European leaders to clarify how business in the UK and the EU can continue to work together in the current and future political climate.

“We reiterate that our message is a positive one. We are keen to see more opportunities to work together; to foster cross-collaboration between our countries; bring more opportunities and jobs for us all, and inspire the next generation to work hard towards achieving their dreams.

“We believe that our sector has the potential for considerable expansion and that the expansion of start-up hubs in cities across Europe could become a wider ‘eco-system’ which will be critical to the overall growth of these economies.”

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