Cheap $20 Gadgets for Everyday Use

Several gadgets have been invented for everyday use. Here is a list of cheap $20 gadgets that come in handy for everyday use.

  1. Under-desk head phone Anchor: This headphone hook allows you to hang a pair of headphones under the desk to your work space neater.
  2. MOS Cable Organiser: Set the end of your cables lying around on the table on the MOS to keep your work table organised. The MOS cable organiser uses a magnetic clip to the cable for easy identification.
  3. Tritan infusion water bottle: The water bottle allows you to add extra spice to your water. Simply add the fruit to add a flavour to water. Yes, the water bottle adds colour to your table too.
  4. Hand Stylus: The hand stylus offers a better alternative to the finger swipe on smart phones. Beautiful and tech-savvy, it retracts when it’s not in use.
  5. AluCable Duo: It has two micro-USB cable at one end so you can charge two devices simultaneously.
  6. Bluetooth shower speaker: These waterproof shower speakers are perfect for lounging in the pool or to carry into a shower. Listening to music can’t be easier, more so, you can pick a call with it.
  7. Bomber Carabiner Paracord Keychain: The paracord keychain, although rugged, helps you carry around a survival cord. Who knows when you may require a survival cord?
  8. NomadPlus Wall Charger & Battery Pack: It performs a dual purpose- charging and mobile power pack. It can be plugged on the wall socket for normal charging.
  9. Nightstand for apple watch: The compact apple watch nightstand charges the device and makes locating the device easy at night.
  10. MagicGrips for Apple Magic Mouse 1 & 2: The mouse has a soft cushion to rest your fingers and enjoy a wider grip while working. Say goodbye to sore fingers.
  11. Nope Webcam Covers: It is perfect for smartphones, tablets, desktops & laptop webcams to prevent hackers & spies accessing the camera.
  12. Herb Miller & Grinder: It makes it easy to grind herbs. Food seasoning becomes fresher with this simple machine.
  13. Self-stirring camera lens mug: It is a great gift to give to a photography and coffee lover. It also stirs the drink.
  14. Exocharge 3-port USB Car Charger: This simple device charges three devices at the same time as it has 3-USB port for charging any USB-powered mobile device.
  15. Neutron C Magnetic Car Mount: It makes handling a phone on the road easier. Simply attach the car mount at eye level and enjoy better safety. It can also be attached to a tripod.
  16. Orbiter Magnetic Fidget Toy: It offers minimal friction meaning you can use them in meetings. It is beautiful and offers much needed discreteness.
  17. BK Sport 4.0 Bluetooth Headphones: It allows you listen to music from any Bluetooth-enabled device and pick an incoming call.
  18. Salad-to-go-container: This container has several compartments for packing your salad without the worries of mashing up.
  19. Ghost Indoor HDTV Antenna: Simple and versatile, it gives avid TV viewers who has no room for bulky HDTV Antenna access to TV.
  20. Acesori 5 Piece Smartphone Camera Lens Kit: The lens kit has a fish eye, wide angle and macro lens that helps you take incredible pictures.

A few inexpensive accessories can make the difference in making your daily home, car or work experience.


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