Ever Heard of Jeju?

Ever heard of Jeju? You can be forgiven if not. It might just be far from the current borders of your news journal and Asia is hardly ever in the news for good reasons. But let’s give you a quick introduction to this marvellous natural wonder that has eluded the attention of the world by God knows how.

Jeju is the capital of the beautiful island, Jejudo often termed as South Korea’s Hawaii 2.0. A giant magnet to tourists, honeymooners, and vacationers, and pure gold for nature photographers. Little wonder more than 26 million passengers use the Jeju airport every year.

It is home to picturesque beaches, a  semi-tropical forested national park spanning 224 kilometers, an array of underground caves, challenging hiking trails, the world’s longest lava tube, and a bunch of other natural spectacles.


Majestically standing at 1,940m above sea level, this dormant volcanic mountain commands South Korea’s skyline as the highest peak in the region.

Fondly known as the “Halla mountain”, it is a UNESCO Biosphere reserve. The slopes are regularly fraught with hiking clubs and nature seekers who seat at the top waiting to catch the beautiful introduction of the sun at dawn or its fiery egress at dusk.


The rural beauty of the island. Olle is a magnificent network path of hiking trails that webs accross Jeju.

The trails offer a scenic course through the serene coastline with an inspecting view of the zig-zagged island while reaching down to the beaches.

Jeju Love Land

The sex-themed park usually favoured by honeymooners or those that simply want to get in the mood. It features x-rated statues, activities and monuments.

Jeju has everything you can categorise as fun. So when you plan your next holiday, turn your map to this not-so-controversial Asian site.

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