Home Office Assures EU Citizens They Will Not Need Fingerprint Or I.D. Cards

European Union citizens have again been assured by the officials of the Home Office that they will not require identification cards or fingerprints once Brexit is official, this was reiterated after a leaked immigration document suggested otherwise. The activists who head the3million campaign group were also told by the officials that EU citizens already resident in the United Kingdom will not be pressed to meet up with any minimum wage threshold nor will they be required to possess private health insurance before they are allowed to continue their stay in the country after Brexit.

The 3 million campaign group however remain skeptical about these promises even after being reassured by senior officials and the summary of the meeting were released publicly in an email which read thus,

“The Home Office has confirmed its position that European Union citizens will not have to possess comprehensive sickness insurance [private health insurance], will not have to meet an income threshold, will not have to submit fingerprints; will not be issued with an I.D. card.”

Home Office however indicated to the3million campaign group activists that instead of an I.D. card, they will be required to carry a digital document resultant from the new registration system. Nicholas Hatton, the3million group leader recently expressed his distrust in the promises made, in his statement he referred to Theresa May’s interview where she said that EU citizens presently resident in the country would still have same rights as before. He said that David Davis, the Brexit’s secretary however contradicted this in his interview with  BBC’s Andrew Marr, where he stated that current EU citizens resident in the country will in the future not be allowed to have a non-EU citizen spouse join them in the country.

The document also stated that the fingerprints of new immigrants might need to be taken to avoid identity fraud. The supposed leaked document was written on the 7th of August and leaked to the Guardian.

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