Four Epic Events from Game of Thrones Season Seven Episode Four, ‘the Spoils of War’

Social media has been buzzing with Game of Thrones discussions since Sunday’s episode aired. It began with emotional reunions and ended in blood and fire with the possible death of a major character. The award winning series is popular for its cliff hangers that will have you biting your nails and turning restlessly in your sleep as you wait for next Sunday’s episode. This episode had everything from dragons, to Daenerys devastation of her enemies and the episode has been rated as one of the best most momentous episodes in the Game of Thrones saga climaxing with Jamie Lannister’s singular charge against a very angry dragon… spoiler, it did not end well for Jamie.

Four Epic Events from ‘the spoils of war’

The Lannisters Vs Daenerys Battle

We’ve had some pivotal and entertaining battles in the past like Blackwater Bay, Battle of the Bastards and Hard luck Hardhome, but none of them had fierce Dothraki warriors with an added bonus of war tested horses, fire breathing dragons or a Lannister with only one hand on his body. The battle did not disappoint, the great Khaleesi in all her burning fury was eager to reverse previous defeats to the House of Stark and the House of Baratheon led by Stanis Baratheon. She lit up Cersei’s booty loaded forces and what about when Bronn came through fire to strike a gigantic crossbow at one of Daenerys’s dragons. The chaos revealed some spectacular scenes like the scarily mad look in the eyes of Daenerys (has she inherited the mad king’s genes?) when she turned for a second devastating run and the look on Jamie’s face when he heard the powerful roar of the Dothrakis as they came to battle. The closing scene of Jamie’s deathly face as he sunk into the ocean’s depth has many wondering if he is dead.

Reunion of the House Stark

Emotions were high when Sansa and Jon Snow reunited at the battle of the Bastards with the epic scene where they feed Ramsey Bolton to the dogs, great entertainment right! It was a more emotional scene when Sansa, Jon, Bran and Arya were briefly united as a family since season one when we last saw them together.

Arya the Assassin

We have secretly been rooting for Arya as she makes her way across the seven kingdoms crossing names off her list with blood and cooking enemies for dinner. This week we viewed Arya from the eyes of her big sister Sansa, whose shock was ominous when she saw Arya fighting with Brienne of Tart. Arya is presented as a broken teenage woman who only knows one way to feel…through violence. Her armour is the same as Ned Stark’s when they last saw each other in King’s Landing. By the end of the end of the episode, there is a newfound respect between the sisters who never got along in the past.

The Golden Company

When the Iron Bank’s Tycho Nestoris meets with Cersei, he questions if she needed any more help and she mentions growing her navy and army. The solutions to both problems she thinks would be the golden company, a group of mercenaries in Essos and some of the most skilled warriors in the seven kingdoms.

Nonetheless, there should have been more casualties in this battle because the primary aftermath of war is death and this would have been a befitting exist for Bronn who somehow escaped death from the Dothraki’s blade and getting roasted by the dragon’s fire.

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