New Report Indicates that the Average Brit is Happiest when in a Pub

You suspected it, but you weren’t quite sure. Now, you have actual proof that you and other Brits are much happier while hanging out in the pub.

A conclusion was finally reached on the issue after a poll involving 2,000 Brits revealed more than a quarter of the participants were happiest while relaxing at their favourite pub.

This information might seem surprising considering more and more pubs are closing down across the UK, but the proof is in the numbers which indicate that many individuals feel much better when hanging out at their favourite local pub.

Part of the information revealed by the poll also showed that most Brits often stop over at the pub after a tough day working, or after a breakup, or to simply catch up with good friends.

The survey which brought forth the findings was commissioned and carried out by St Austell Brewery’s flagship beer, Tribute Cornish Pale Ale. It was conducted in celebration of Cask Ale Week which goes on till October 1st.

Pubs have been a big part of Britain for centuries and certain pubs across England are that old. Throughout history, both the rich and the poor have enjoyed the various delights that a local pub has to offer.

Some of the fun activities most attendees of the modern pub like to partake in include;

  • Enjoying the friendly and jolly atmosphere
  • Meeting up with friends for a chat or a laugh
  • Enjoying a drink or two
  • The food (especially fish and chips)
  • A place to find real ale
  • Going out on a romantic date
  • Playing pool

While a lot spouses might feel betrayed by the news that their significant other find most of their happiest moments in the pub rather than at home with them, it’s strongly advised that they also visit a nearby pub to laugh it off.

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