New Scientific Research Shows Rap Lovers Might be Psychopaths

It’s a scary proposition but according to the findings of a new research, your favourite type of music might be an indication of your mental health. And those who are fans of rap are likely psychopaths.

One would think Patrick Bateman’s taste in soft pop or Hannibal Lecter’s preference for classical music were clear indicators that rap has nothing to do with psychosis, but this research disagrees. The scientists from New York University who carried out this research revealed that rap music is the genre of choice for people with psychopathic tendencies or traits.

The findings of this research are still yet to be published but the researchers are willing to go as far as to suggest that in the future, rap music could be applied in predicting psychotic disorders. The research was conducted by looking at how psychopathic tendencies of individuals correlate with their musical preferences.

The study was carried out with the help of 200 participants who were played 260 songs after which they were given tests to determine their psychopathic score.

Results at the end of the process showed that those with the lowest psychopath scores were those who had a preference for pop songs like Sia’s Titanium. On the other hand, those who had the highest psychopathic score had a love for Eminem’s Lose Yourself and Blackstreet’s No Diggity.

Is this a load of malarkey? Who knows!

The researchers involved in the project hope to soon commence a larger study that will verify their results.

Dr Pascal Wallisch who is the lead author of the study made sure to clarify that contrary to what the media portrays, not all psychopaths are axe wielding murderers or the Joker in Batman. If anything, true psychopaths have much more subtle symptoms that only the trained eye can note. Symptoms such as an ability to easily manipulate others, as well as having an air of superiority about them

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