North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike in an Attempt to Scare off US Invasion

Emerging reports from the Defence Intelligence Agency reveal North Korea has successfully created a miniaturized warhead to spearhead a ballistic missile launch. Satellite images of North Korea’s Punggye-ri site expose a State, ready to launch nuclear tests.

US analysts, 38 North say the images show non-stop activity in the North Portal and a flurry of movement in the Main Administrative Area. Some reports claim Kim Jong-un plans to detonate a nuclear device this weekend to celebrate the 105th anniversary of previous leader Kim Il-sung’s birth.

On Monday, North Korea released a statement saying it would shield itself from US invasion by ‘powerful force of arms’ in the wake of the US deployment of a Navy aircraft carrier to the Sea of Japan. North Korea has also warned that the country would give the US a “severe lesson” with the sheer force of its nuclear capacity if the US dares to take military action against it.

Intercontinental ballistic missile tests carried out by North Korea confirms that the whole of the United States was in the range of its nuclear firing power, which it declared were not up for negotiations, and would remain a legitimate source of self-defense used only against the US in retaliation for any invasive attempts.

Donald Trump replied to the warning by claiming an armada is heading to the Korean peninsula with tension escalating between the two nations.

How great is North Korea’s nuclear strength?

North Korea has taken painstaking measures to cloud their nuclear weapons activity increasing in number despite disapproval from the international community. As at 2016, there was an estimated 13-21 warhead in Pyongyang, at least four more than it had in 2014.

In 2017 alone, North Korea has launched over 10 missile test and launched four surface-to-ship- cruise missiles culminating in the goal of releasing a nuclear warhead capable of destroying the United States in one hit.

Its history with nuclear weapons began in 1985 with its signing of the International Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty but withdrew from the pact in 2003 after former U.S President George Bush described North Korea as an axis of evil when it was revealed North Korea had secretly been developing a top-secret nuclear weapons program.

Developing a nuclear weapons program is an expensive venture; Kim Kong-Un has managed to raise the cash by exporting commodities like nickel, iron ore and rare mineral resources to the few countries willing to do business with it.

Why is North Korea obsessed with Nuclear Weapons?

North Korea views its status as a ‘nuclear state’ a poison pill to secure its survival against superpowers like the US who would be afraid of a retaliation if they ever attacked the Kim Jong-Un led regime. According to Brad Glosserman, an executive director of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in the US, The North Koreans are convinced they need a nuclear weapons program to create greater security while allowing them to influence international security.

The US has made a deal with South Korea to keep a powerful anti-missile device in the country to block and destroy any imminent missiles fired from North Korea although ousted President Park Guen-Hye ousted from office, the elasticity of the deal seems shaken.

The consensus is that the problem is reaching its peak and it’s time for the US to take preventive actions short of a military strike to resolve the matter peacefully. The US has previously opened peace talks with the reclusive country on several occasions but Jong-Un’s refusal to dismantle North Korea’s missile programs combined with Trumps Twitter jabs on Kim Jong-un’s personality is proof that both countries are a long way from agreeing on peaceful terms that will satisfy either country.

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