Nutella is coming to town as a Candy Bar

You heard right! No longer do you have to wait to get home before you can shovel a scoop of Nutella onto your tongue and sigh with pleasure. The Nutella Company has finally seen the light and has decided to present its loyal customers with a Nutella candy bar.

No more sticky fingers, no more smeared faces. With this new release from Nutella, you can now get all your favourite Nutella goodness in a neat and solid package. This means you can now enjoy the decadent goodness of Nutella anywhere you go without having judgmental eyes survey you while you abashedly dip into a Nutella jar – During a stroll, at the office, on the bus, on the tube, or even while sky diving.

The new offering from Nutella comes with the cheeky name “B-Ready”. You can bet lots of fans of the product are more than ‘ready’ as they’ve been clamouring for years for this chocolatey innovation. What you can expect from the chocolate bar is puffed wheat crispies coated with a smooth layer of Nutella, all sealed within a crisp wafer shell.

Chocolate makers Ferrero have a hand in the product and have described it as a delicious new way for Nutella to be enjoyed anywhere. They seem to be telling the truth because the product proved to be a resounding success during test runs in local convenience stores. When the product officially hits the shelves, you’ll be able to pick up a bar for 59p or a pack of six at £1.99.

Twitter users who are fans of the product are already losing their minds over the news with different individuals expressing their joy in their own unique and often comedic fashion.

If you are worried about calories and your waist line, you can find solace in the news that each Nutella bar will carry only 115 calories. So go hunt for yours now and let’s know what you think about the product in the comments.

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