Royal Family Receives Acid Bath from Labour MP

Last night the Royal family received literal verbal fire after a Labour MP mocked Prince Harry’s military career and accused Prince Phillip of cheating on the Queen. The Kensington Member of Parliament, Emma Dent Coad said all this at an edgy meeting during the Labour party’s conference, held at Brighton.

She claimed in her rants that Prince Harry was never fit to pilot Apache Helicopters, this claim however proved false as Prince Harry did not just fly helicopters but was deployed in the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan as a gunner. Her rant, which won a resounding applause from Labour delegates at the anti-monarchy meeting, saw her establish herself as the Royal family’s worst nightmare.

She claimed that because Prince Harry could not fly, he was simply put there as a co-pilot, going “vroom, vroom”. However, it is on record that the Prince actually served in the army for ten years, being deployed to Afghanistan twice during that period. For him to be deployed as a gunner meant that He could fly and control the weapons of the helicopter by himself. In her claims, she stated that both Princes Harry and William were in reality not so bright, so they should just be allowed to drift away and do as they please.

Continuing her assault on the Royal family, the MP accused Prince Phillip of being unfaithful to the Queen. Prince Phillip who declared his intentions to retire from all public duties some time back after providing undaunted and unwavering service to the Queen for several decades. Along with her accusations, she suggested that it might be wise for the Queen to consider stepping back after her soul mate does so.

Ms. Coad, who rose to prominence after to the Grenfell tower blaze in the constituency, was only elected into office as MP in June.

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