Senior Torries Warn: Boris Does Not Have Sufficient Support To Oust May

Top Torries have extended a warning to Boris Johnson, stating that he does not have sufficient support from Conservative MPs which he needs to launch a challenge to leadership that could cause an uproar to consequently result in an election that will see Jeremy Corbyn find his place at Downing Street.

An anonymous source on the cabinet categorically let out that, no one will support Borris, if his current moves to impose publicly on Brexit ends up empowering the Labour leader. Recently, another top supporter of the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, has also accused Mr. Johnson of scheming a self-righteous resignation for himself from the front bench. Prominent Brexit supporters have recently expressed their joy at pressure mounted on the Prime Minister by Mr. Johnson, as they believe that keeping Theresa May in office until after the election is best for Brexit and delivering stability.

Shortly before Ms. May was to give her own major speech, Mr. Johnson wrote a four thousand word article expressing his personal vision for Brexit. As soon as Ms. May had delivered her speech, it is said that Boris Johnson put forth redlines, a measure believed he took to exert some control on the government’s position, this made allies put forward a claim that he had created a stumbling block to Mr. Hammond having a longer Brexit transition period.

Mr. Johnson’s actions have therefore cause a speculation that he will most likely launch a bid for Ms. May to leave her position, which could result in an election, MPs fear this is not a good time for this, especially with Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party becoming more popular among electorate. The anonymous cabinet source stated, there will be no support for Boris should Mr. Corbyn be strengthened by his bids.

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