Terms of Service

General information

We have created this page to serve multiple purposes under the broad spectrum of giving you more insight about how we function with your personal information. Our private policy is centered on helping you (the customer) understand what types of data we collect, the “why” behind its collection, and what is done with the data. With every piece of information we gather, the sole antecedent is to provide you with better service which might include (for example) showing you more relevant search results and adverts or making easier your experience of sharing posts with other people in your online circles. We know that having access to your private information implies a certain level of trust and discretion and we want you to know that we indeed are using that information with your privacy in mind, and this is front and center in our policy. Please take time to carefully peruse this policy page as we have worked to make the information herein easy to understand and grasp.


You may access the Quoi website on any digital device and become a member by registering and creating an account with us. By registering, you agree to be responsible for keeping your passwords and other identifiers confidential. You also agree to:

  • Keep your account and password personal to you, and not accessible to a third party on the Quoi website.
  • You will not do anything to assist another person have access to any registration area on the Quoi website.

You will not create account specifically for abusing the functionality of the site; nor will you aim to present yourself as another user.

Termination of registration

If you decide to stop subscribing to our service, you can terminate your membership by sending an email to [email protected]. If we believe that for some reason, you have not abided by these terms, we reserve the right to terminate your membership and close your account with us.

Using material that appears on Quoi.co.uk

Your use of this site is purely for personal and non-commercial reasons only. You agree that between you and Quoi, excluding the user content and advertisements, Quoi is the sole owner of all content of the Quoi website. This includes, with no limitation to all applicable copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade names, trade secrets logos and all other intellectual property belonging to Quoi.

Disclaimer of liability

To the limits provided by law, we are not liable for any statements made on Quoi.co.uk. Nothing in Quoi.co.uk is offered for any specific reason or at the behest of a particular individual. To avoid confusion, we shall not be held responsible for any loss associated with your doing, or not doing, anything brought about by viewing, reading or listening to content on Quoi.co.uk