The London Art Fair is on! 

The curtain raiser for the international art calender is set to take place at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London from 17–21 January 2018.

Operating for 30 years now, the London Art Fair has been the leading contemporary art show of modern Britain. It has symbolized the kick-off of each art year since 1988. And by the look of things this year would be no different.

The Fair promises a vast display of modern quality contemporary art from premier British and International galleries and renowned private collections, works by distinguished artists from the 20th century till today, and to continue giving access to expert eye-openers into the evolving industry.

Art UK – 2018 Art Fair Museum Partner

Art UK are the digital custodians of every public art collection in the UK since inception in 2003. Housing over 200,000 artworks online.

5 renowned indeginous artists are to select 30 artworks from the website of the museum partner as part of the 30th year celebration. Selected works will be curated by former Director of Exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts, Kathleen Soriano.

Taking over from last year’s partner, The Lightbok, Art Uk will provide the visual portrayals of the distinctions between private collections and museum quality. They will also provide visitors of the Fair the chance to see works from the region.

Hemera Collective

The Hemera Collective is a group that specializes in contemporary photography and lens-based media,  they produce collections that Forster new views. They will be the 2018 Art Fair curator for Photo50.

Photo50 features an exhibition of 50 contemporary photographic works and displays the beauty of recent phography practice.

So as an admirer of art, the annual flagship art event of the UK should not be missed. You get to enjoy more activities like the Talks Programme and Thursday late which promises to be fun. Now get going to unlock the artful year of 2018.

Tickets are available at the London Art Fair Website.

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