Top UK Security Experts warns of imminent Cybercrime Attack Armageddon

In the wake of the ransomware attack ”WannaCry” that shook major establishments all across the world, both government and private owned, a director of the National Cybersecurity Centre has warned that a Category One (the worst category possible) attack is bound to hit cyberspace within a couple of years or less.

2017 has been a year of triumph for major cybercriminals. The year saw malicious online operators successfully take advantage of a flaw in the Windows OS of several computers and infiltrate them by uploading a ransomware which literally held systems around the world to ransom. The insidious hack demanded that those affected by the hack had to pay a ransom before their computers could be freed from the clutches of the hackers. How many organisations actually gave into the pressure of these yet unidentified hackers, and how may overcame via other means still remains unknown. Fortunately, Microsoft released an update that system owners could easily access to protect themselves against that particular ransomware attack.

But WannaCry wasn’t the only incident this year. A major hack involving US data broker Equifax was another major incident that led to more than a 100 million Americans having sensitive personal data compromised which placed them at great risk of identity fraud. 400,000 UK indigenes as well as several Canadian residents were also affected by the hack – although to a lesser degree.

All these occurrences lend a heavy note of possibility to the words of Ian Levy, the technical director of the National Cybersecurity Centre. In his opinion, within the next few years the world’s first category one cyber-incident will occur and the only way to prevent it is if governments and businesses change the way they view cybersecurity. Sadly, Mr Levy is of the opinion that governments and businesses will not take heed to his warning until the high level attack occurs and it’s too late to prevent the damage already done.

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