Research Shows Happiness Levels increase Despite Brexit and Trump/Korea Issues

The past few weeks have been interesting- with American President, Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un trading war rhetoric and personal insults on what may be described by some as the brink of a nuclear showdown. In his latest statement, the prime minister of North Korea announced that Trump had declared war on his country via a tweet.

But despite these issues, the happiness meter in the UK ticked up slightly, as revealed in a recent national wellbeing survey. The UK, which is also undergoing negotiations with EU authorities about a mutually satisfying exit has had quite an uncertain economic year, which is what makes the results of the survey surprising.

According to the same study, which was obtained for the ending of March 2017, from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) anxiety levels remain stable. This indicates that general satisfaction levels are increasing despite a year which many have described as a flaring dumpster fire.

According to Matthew Steel of ONS, “The figures may be surprising, but they are a sign of a slight increase in happiness and satisfaction with life, during a time of political differences and uncertainty.”

What could be responsible for these results? Why are people brushing of the world’s political disorder? As it turns out, money appears to be the main answer.

“Employment rates had risen during the period this information was gathered. There are other ONS analysis that show people are observing an improvement in their own financial conditions, as well as the economy in general,” Steel said.

These factors are believed to make Britons experience a general sense of comfort and personal wellbeing despite the ominous global events.

Locally, the business markets appear to be stabilising and it can only be a sign that things may soon improve. But time will tell.

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