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Volleyball Technology Specialist Acquired by Genius Sports

The volleyball sport might never be the same again thanks to power moves recently made by sports technology and data giant Genius Sports.

Genius Sports recently acquired Data Project, a firm that’s well known for its work as a volleyball technology provider. Genius Sports is also known for entering into a partnership with the PGA Tour with the aim of supporting the new integrity program of the US golf organisation.

Founded in Italy in 1982, Data Project has over the years grown to be a world leading firm that specialises in providing professional volleyball leagues, clubs, and federations across the globe with technology solutions. Data Project is widely recognised as a leader when it comes to delivering global solutions, software, and training tools for the volleyball industry. Technology solutions from the firm are used by more than 80% of the world’s leading volleyball leagues.

Now that the company has been acquired by Genius Sports, there will likely be an enhancement in Data Project’s operational efficiency. The merger also puts the company in a better position to maximise commercial opportunities, drive fan engagement, and protect its competitions’ integrity.

Asides from Data Project, Genius Sports is involved in partnerships with over 200 sport federations and leagues. These partnerships also include key industry players from football and basketball.

The combination of the expertise of Genius Sports and the technology of Data Project is expected to lead to a marked improvement in the way the sport of volleyball is played all across the world. According to Emilio Spirito, the Founder of Data Project, taking advantage of the power of technology to drive the improvement of sport has from the start been at the core of what the company stands for. And with their new partner, Genius Sport, the mission and values of Data Project will stay on track.

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