What Every Up-and-coming Entertainer Should Learn from Adele


Popularly known by her first name, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (MBE) is a British musician – who was born in the month of May, 1988. With several awards from the Grammies and the Brit Awards, she has become a force to reckon with since the release and commercial success of her debut album – ’19’ – in 2008. There are many lessons her success and personal stories can teach other celebrities and every newbie out there.

This extraordinary singer and celebrity whose lyrics have serenaded the ears of fans and critics alike, has built a brand for herself – with no sign of slowing down. Therefore, here’s what every up and coming entertainer should learn from Adele.

Work with The Right Team

The people you have in your team determine how fast and how well you develop as an up and coming act. One of Adele’s friends uploaded her songs on MySpace in 2006, then she was discovered and signed by XL. It took about two years afterwards to release an album. However, she never insisted that her friend become her manager or a staff of the record label. She knew she had gone from being an indie to a potential star, so she needed to work with professionals in the label’s management. In the past, musicians have even made their parents part of their team and this affected the growth of their careers. Keep acquaintances away from business – except they are professionals. You’re in it to make money not to make friends. Therefore, create time for family and friends. But when its time to hit the high notes in the studio or perform in front of a 10,000 capacity auditorium, work with the right team to help bring out the best in you.

Work on your Talent

It’s believed that talent is everything, but of what use is it when you aren’t properly harnessing it to attain the heights you desire? Knowledge is power, and when used alongside talent, you only become the best you can be. In 2006, Adele graduated from the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology. Her recording deal with XL also fell through the same year. Now, a quick listen to songs like “Dont you Remember”, “Fire in the Rain”, “Someone like you” and more recent “Hello”, you can obviously tell that this is one naturally talented British woman. So why exactly did she have to attend an art school? To improve on her talent. There are many musicians today with no stage craft, great voice but not-so-good enough songs, and others don’t even know what a “note” is. This has made it difficult for them adapt to the ever changing entertainment industry. But equipping yourself with all the right information, tools and technology will not only make you succeed but also keep you at the top for a long time.

Find a Winning Formula and Upgrade it Steadily

Adele’s second album – ’21’ – was so successful that she won two Grammy awards for Best Pop Vocal Performance and Best New Artiste. Her first album which was released in 2008 went platinum (sold a million copies) 7 times in the UK and 3 times in the US. Most people wondered why someone who sings of heart break would make so much sales. Well, she knew how to tell the emotional story and relate to her target audience. However, she upgraded the emotional pop style in the most recent album. Most musicians these days try too hard to be versatile, instead of finding their niche and being an influence therein. In as much as you don’t want to sound monotonous, it’s best to change your style gradually than all of a sudden. This makes it easy for fans to adapt and not see you as someone with no style.

Be Comfortable with Who You Are

An interview once surfaced on the internet, where Adele was asked to lose weight to become a more appealing brand. She said, “I make music for the ears not the eyes”. In another 2009 interview, she stated that she didn’t have a problem with how she looked. She was more concerned about being comfortable than fashionable. Now, don’t get this wrong. She didn’t mean she didn’t make an effort to look good, but she rather stay simple in her own way. As an up and coming singer, you have to stick to an appearance you are comfortable with. Not only will this make you feel good about yourself, you can easily walk around without worrying about what people think of you. Joan Rivers and Karl Lagerfeld have all criticized Adele in the past but instead of going into depression she released another mind-blowing album.

Keep your Private Life out of the News

This seems pretty difficult. Perhaps because the life of a celebrity feels like a public affair. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect the little privacy you can. There’s no need showing off new jewellery everyday or putting on your location for people to know you’re in the best luxury hotel in town. This will not only bring your life and finances under scrutiny but could also attract people with nefarious plans to your location. Remember Kim Kardashian was robbed of jewelries, cash and other valuables in Paris. Probably as a result of such show off. When Adele’s son – Angelo – was born, she didn’t want his photos out. When a photo agency leaked the pictures, she sued them. Keep important things about your personal life out of the media. If you must let the public know anything, make use of a PR personnel.

Finally, remember that scarcity increases demand. After the release of Adele’s second album, she announced that she was going to release an album only after 5 years from then on. She kept to her words. When ’25’ was finally made available, the hit single “Hello” gave every fan and critic the same nostalgic feeling they had missed from listening to her sing. Therefore, make people look forward to hearing from you. It only increases your value.

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