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What’s the Big Deal About Wearable Technology in Sports?

The current trajectory of technology is to make products lighter, smarter, more mobile as well as versatile. Wearable technologies are a classic example of this trend and these little gismos have started breaking their way into the world of sports.

Mobile technology has become such a big part of modern life across various industries that many individuals operating in different spheres can’t imagine a life without it. But even though many people possess high tech mobile technology, only very few of them utilise the full potential of these technologies. Within the industry of sport, the story is the same.

Garmin and Fitbit are just a few of the companies that currently design and manufacture wearable devices for athletes. The wearable devices used in sports have applications that range from tracking an athlete’s performance to assessing them. Recent times have seen a surge in the demand for active technology within the world of sports and it’s predicted that by 2021, the fitness wearables industry will be worth $44.2 billion. But is this demand being driven by an actual need for these devices or is it just another fad among athletes.

Because athletes in professional sports are always under pressure to go faster, jump higher and be stronger, they definitely need all the help they can get and wearable devices do provide a degree of help in the following ways.

Optimising Performance

Specific data that’s yielded by a wearable device can be used to optimise the effectiveness of training and maximise performance on the field. One sport’s club making the best of wearable tech is Leicester City who used tracking technology to assess defender’s movements and replicated them during training.

Prevention of Injury, Management and Recovery

Wearable devices have proven very effective in identifying and preventing injury. A lot of NBA teams use wearables to measure jump ranges, jump loads, deceleration and acceleration for various limbs. By monitoring all these variables, even the most minor injuries can be detected.

So perhaps wearable tech isn’t just a fad, but its effectiveness still boils down to how effectively teams and athletes utilise them.

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